How it Works

CDR is required on a larger scale to reach net zero1. International environmental reporting standards say carbon avoidances and offsets are not sufficient to reach net zero emissions by 2050. C-Capsule can help scale the quantity and quality of CDR activity as organisations aspire to mitigate hard-to-abate emissions from within their supply chains.

C-Capsule is designed to function as a certified CDR framework to increase transparency and consumer choice of carbon certificates. We offer a market-based solution to scale up supply by accelerating access to finance for high quality, durable CDR activities.

1 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)


The C-Capsule Code (detailing the rules and regulations) will be accredited by the International REC Standard Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation based in the Netherlands that administers the International Attribute Tracking Standard for best practice in attribute tracking systems. Accreditation to the Standard ensures that the tracking of products (in C-Capsuleā€™s case, CDR) are of the highest quality and satisfies the expectations of stakeholders, market entities, and end-users. The Foundation acts as an independent body to oversee the integrity of the market and alignment of the C-Capsule Code with industry best-practice.

Role of Market Intermediaries

Market intermediaries can hold Participant accounts on the registry and are able to trade and redeem C-Capsule certificates on behalf of their clients (beneficiaries).

Role of Governments

Governments can have multiple roles in the C-Capsule framework such as Issuer (processing the issuance of C-Capsules) or Redemption Authority (authorising redemption of C-Capsules). We recognise the sovereignty of governments and will always seek to adjust the framework to accommodate the requirements of a government.

C-Capsule Governance Framework


C-Capsule Introduction

View our introduction for a background to our values, governance, and heritage.