How it Works

How it Works


The C-Capsule Code (detailing the rules and regulations) is accredited by the International REC Standard Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation based in the Netherlands that administers the International Attribute Tracking Standard for best practice in attribute tracking systems. Accreditation to the Standard ensures that the tracking of products (in C-Capsule’s case, CDR) is of the highest quality and satisfies the expectations of stakeholders, market entities, and end-users. The Foundation acts as an independent body to oversee the integrity of the market and alignment of the C-Capsule Code with industry best practices.

Facilities are initially audited to establish the metrics of capture, with the objective of a simple, low-cost measurement.

Role of Market Intermediaries

Organisations can either engage directly with facility operators or use market intermediaries to manage their portfolio. Market intermediaries can hold Participant accounts on the Evident Registry and are able to trade and redeem C-Capsule Certificates on behalf of their clients (beneficiaries).  At the end of the process, organisations receive a redemption statement uniquely identifying all claimed C-Capsule Certificates, including details of the originating CDR facilities, the process used, and the dates when the CDR occurred. This statement can be viewed directly on the Evident Registry to support audit of claims.

Role of Governments

Governments can have multiple roles in the C-Capsule framework such as Issuer (processing the issuance of certificates) or Redemption Authority (authorising redemption of certificates). We recognise the sovereignty of governments and will always seek to adjust the framework to accommodate the requirements of a government.

Am I eligible for C-Capsule?

Yes, if you can provide robust evidence to support your claims. The first step is to develop a methodology that complies with C-Capsule’s Methodology Guidelines. This document outlines the quality threshold for developers to register their facilities on the Evident Registry. All methodologies are subject to independent approval by the International REC Standard Foundation. Methodologies are assessed on their compliance with our high-quality issuing criteria:

  • Measurable: C-Capsules represent CDR activity which can be precisely measured. Projects adhere to methodologies with identifiable measurement points where the volume of CDR can be determined through robust and reliable metering equipment.
  • Durable: C-Capsules demonstrate the durable sequestration of GHG that has been purposefully removed from the atmospheric cycle. Every methodology reflects a defined probability of durability set against a 100-year time horizon.
  • Verifiable: C-Capsules are independently verified at the point of issuance to clearly identify measurable carbon sequestration and ensure no double counting. Facilities are audited prior to issuance to verify that their characteristics adhere to the associated methodology.
  • Additional: C-Capsules convey CDR activity that would not have otherwise happened without carbon finance. Where significant non-carbon finance exists, additionality can represent factors that require investment, presence of barriers or risks, activities which aren’t common practice.

C-Capsule Introduction

View our introduction for a background to our values, governance, and heritage.