About Us

About Us

C-Capsule was co-founded by Carbon Finance Labs and Evident to scale Carbon Dioxide Removal in line with Net Zero.

The Team

Carbon Finance Labs

Carbon Finance Labs are finance and technology professionals who create and implement new climate change solutions. Their impact comes from using a global network of resources and knowledge built over decades spent in the carbon finance and technology sectors globally.


Evident is the world leader in certification of the Clean Economy and provider of the world’s most widely used registry of environmental assets, serving customers in over 140 countries. Evident manages the I-REC Product Certificate for electricity and MiQ certificate service for natural gas. Evident enables clients in both commercial and public sectors to take full advantage of new technologies and become highly competitive digital organisations.


GCC is one of the world’s leading independent certifiers of renewable energy. With over twenty years’ experience they are a centre of excellence, providing support to other organisations in the certification sector and establishing best practice in the global marketplace. GCC is active in a variety of emerging environmental markets, including being a strategic partner for certification of methane emissions within the natural gas sector (MiQ).

Our History

C-Capsule’s team developed the first renewable energy certificate trading mechanism in Europe during the 1990s, eventually evolving into the Guarantee of Origin (GO). The team later designed and implemented the highly successful I-REC (International Renewable Energy Certificate), which is currently issued in over 40 countries. I-REC has become the established system for evidence to support origination claims by consumers in reporting their Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions. It is internationally recognised by NGOs and consumer organisations to provide secure and reliable electricity origination information across the chain of custody.